Panasonic ex768 connection to virgin problems! HELP!

Connections have got soo much harder these days!! its now 2am and still no joy!!

I have just bought a Panasonic EX768EX DVDR and am trying to correctly connect it to my Samsung VBox and my panasonic Viera lcd tv

My current connections are

stb1 - tv
stb2 - dvdr
dvdr - tv

cable - stb

dvdr - tv

Whilst after many hours of frustration of not getting a signal i changed input select on the dvdr & tv to AV2 and could see the channels (though annoyingly its poorer than than AV1!) i cant seem to autotune the dvdr…it is unable to find any channels and comes up with no signal!!!

I am sure i am doing something wrong but for the life of me i just dont know what!!

I have tried every sort of configuration with the cables but still no luck in getting it to tune.

Surely even with it connected to a virgin stb the dvdr needs to tune its channels? Also why is the picture alot poorer when the signal appears to be going thru the dvdr to the tv on AV2??! This also cant be the correct setup??!

Can anyone help me with the correct setup and help me get to bed tonight!

ever hopingly