Panasonic ES35v Won't read Nero burned +RW

Have a Panasonic ES35v standalone recorder. Plays and records to all formats incl. RAM with no problem. Never burned a coaster. HOWEVER…

When I try to play +RW burned in my PC with Nero the ES35v won’t read it. When I put the disc in the machine says UNFORMAT as if its an unformatted disc.

So far the only +RW discs I’ve tried are Maxell brand 4x +RW. Multiple attempts. Same results. The ES35v WILL record and play back using the SAME 4x +RW Maxell discs as long as its recorded in THAT machine so its not that it doesn’t like that brand media.

The ES35v WILL read and play a Nero burned Verbatim 16x +R from the same DVD burner in my PC.

Nero automatically bitsets +R and +RW to -ROM so that’s not the problem.

Maybe the ES35v just doesn’t like Nero RWs?

Anyone have an idea what’s happening here?


A common problem with Panasonic Recorders and DVD+RWs, many users avoid the problem by using DVD-RWs

My Panasonics don’t like DVD+RWs recorded on my LiteOns eather.

So Pannys are generally picky about +RWs eh? Least it’s not just mine.
Industry should’ve been standardized years ago. Too much incompatability with media and different machines.

Don’t know if you’ve tried… but…my ES35V won’t read Nero burned
RAM discs either…although it will play back a RAM disc IT records. Time
shift feature is nice.

I use the +R and +RW discs bcus I mainly rec in mpeg1 on the PC or use them to back up files and +RW tends to be more reliable for data.

Will have to get some -RW discs and give it a shot.

Thanks for the reply.

My es35v plays fine the +RWs burned on a Sony recorder hooked to a different TV. I have stopped using Maxell +RWs, however, because I would get too many ruined programs because the discs skip or freeze, even when brand new & unscratched. I ended up wasting 2/3 of a spindle of 25 Maxell +RW, because I just couldn’t rely on them.

I use Sony +RWs and swear by them. I use them again and again without problems, reformatting each time before reuse, rather than just deleting programs. I have had good luck with various brands of -Rs (Fuji, HP, Sony) for shows I want to save.

As for discs burned on a computer drive, I have only used -Rs, since I want to keep the projects long term, not rewrite on the disc. These play fine on the es35v. I have used both an HP external and a Philips internal burner, usually projects put together with Pinnacle software (from camcorder footage and photos).