Panasonic ES20 error code 028?

I’ve recorded a couple DVDs that when I get to the finalize point the on screen display says: “Warning_028” and I can’t finalize on even play back.
I’ve googled and sent online questions to panasonic without any answers!
Any info please? Thanks

Have you upgraded to the latest firmware?

What type of media?

What program did you use?

Try using DVDDecrypter if copying a game or movie. The reliability of it is very well recognized.

Until you give all the details i cannot provide anymore info


No upgrade?
I’m using Memorex DVD-R
I’m just burning off my Tivo…not computer
Panasonic finally wrote back to say I ought to be using their DVDs

They obviously aren’t going to help you out when their DVD recorders break, because you won’t go out and buy a new one, and the suggestion about buying their blank DVD’s is so predictable it’s pathetic -“Give us more money, that’ll fix it, or better yet, buy one of our newer models.” :disagree:

Sorry to sound so bitter :a , but I’m in a bad position again; I have two broken Panasonic DVD recorders, and I’m going to go out and buy another new DVD recorder tomorrow, although probably NOT a Panasonic :disagree: , (even though I do like the picture quality of Panasonics). That’s the reason I’ve come back to this forum, because although when I signed up a few months ago the suggestions didn’t fix my problems, I was still really impressed by how many knowlegeable people there are here -I mean REALLY impressed :clap: .

Which leads me to ask this this question: What the hell :a do I buy THIS time?
Any suggestions? :confused:

Pioneer. The guys at Videohelp [I]really[/I] are impressed.

Pioneer, eh? Thanks, I’ll definitely check it out. I hadn’t considered them before because I don’t like their amps, but, of course that means nothing. I appreciate it. I [I]REALLY[/I] appreciate it! :wink:

I looked around at Videohelp and read some favorable comments on a couple of Pioneers, but finding them locally is a problem. Even more of a problem is that I have stacks of un-finalized discs that would be useless with a Pioneer (right?), so I’m screwed either way. :doh: