Panasonic ES15s or ES25?

Panasonic ES15s or ES25 which is the better buy?

I know the ES25 has a card reader and the ES15 can play DivX; and the ES25 costs about 20% more.

It really depends on which of the features you need. I believe they are basically the same recorders with different feature sets.

Panasonic site

The ES25 has the card slot and also HDMI.

I can order a ES15 for $155.06 with shipping
I can order a ES25 for $179.06 with shipping

is the ES25 worth $24 more?

use will mainly to record from my DVR

Only you can answer this. Is the card reader and HDMI worth it to you? Otherwise, they will likely be very similar in performance.

I have no need for HDMI, and the functions of the card reader can be done on my PC. My main problem is is the ES15/25 seem to work best with DVD-RW and DVD-RAM media and my LiteOn 5005s work poorly with this type of media or not al all. Also the ES15/25 has problems with DVD+RW which works fine with the 5005s. The ES15/25 will require an extra cost product for MV copy which is more than 1/2 the cost of the recorder.
Sort of like when I got my SVHS VCR (different media can’t be played on all players, better quality but harder to use).
I Panasonic would fix the problems with DVD+RWs, that would be great.
I’m not sure about DVD-RWs as I have little luck using them.
Using DVD-RAM seems to me limited value, they cost more and are harder to find, then must be converted to other media on a PC as DVD players do not play them.
I guess the only true test will be to test both th ES15 and 5005 side by side, same media, same source, same speed; playback on the same DVD player. Will my tired old eyes be able to see the difference?

dealer say it was out of stock will sent the ES25 for the same price. :clap:

Wow - lucky for you!

I will beleive it when I see it. Yet my second LVW 5005 for $80 works fine once I replaced the drive for another $40.

Well, I do wish you luck. I know I’m happy with the quality of the Panasonic over the Lite-On A100GX I tried, but it may differ for each person.

Hope you have a chance to run it through its paces and give us some feedback soon. :slight_smile:

I recorded Band of Brothers 1-5 plus extras at SLP 6 hours on one disc on my 5005 from my DVR on TY DVD+R 8x (results much like low quality VHS or DivX) I will do the same on the ES25 when I get it; that should be a good test. I will post the results. Remember there are still people who think the recordings made on their VCR at SLP are fine for them. As time goes by many don’t notice that their TVs and VHSs tapes have loss much of the quality they once had. HDTV and other new tech will not make up for old tired eyes, a good movie is still a good movie, better audio and video just makes it better to watch. The major problem with DVDs is playback may stutter or skip or hang up, when the problems are solved DVD recorders will replace VCRs for good, till then I still have a 3 head Toshiba SVHS (excellent quality but not now used much).

One of the cool things on the Panasonic is that the 8 hour mode doesn’t compress video any farther, only the audio.

I’ll keep an eye out for your posts. :slight_smile:

Keep looking for a LiteOn LVW 5005 as the price now is likely to drop even lower and lower, with a bit of work it makes a very good backup or second DVD recorder.

After my experience with teh DD-A100GX, I think I’ll pass. Sorry, but it just left a bad taste in my mouth, and since Lite-On is leaving the business, I am probably sticking wth Panasonic.

I hesitated even getting a DVR, but I’m kind of tired of ripping VHS tapes to my computer with my Matrox G400-TV, and getting that SIMA CT-200 and the DVR means putting analog tape to DVD is much, much easier than the old way, and that was probably the main reason I got one.

The Panasonic seems a pretty good unit, and wasn’t too expensive, so I guess I’ll just keep on messin’ with it and see how it goes.

Thanks for the tip, though.

Both the ES15/25 and the 5005 work best with a Cable Box and DVR, as you don’t use the tuner yet prerecord before making a copy to DVD then can copy at the speed you pick, and rerecord if needed. I love my replayTV.

Does Flex Record work at all speed or only 6 hour?

Keep looking for a LiteOn LVW 5005 as the price now is likely to drop even lower and lower, with a bit of work it makes a very good backup or second DVD recorder.
I can give you any help you may need.

Flex Record just works, fitting the app into whatever space is left on the disk at the time, I believe. I have used it once or twice, but I find I’d rather just swap out disks until I clear off the other one by copying the VIDEO_TS folder over to my hard drive and doing a quick format in the Panasonic.

Panasonic DMR ES25/ES15:

Main improvements over the LiteOn 5005:

Improved Input Quality
Front s-video input
Improved record resolution at LP (500 lines) and EP speeds
Flexible Recording fits recording into the remaining space up to 8 hours
No video quality loss 6 hours to 8 hours (some audio loss)
Records to Dual Layer discs (in 2 sessions)
Records and plays DVD RAM discs (with special features)
Works well with DVD-RW discs (faster prep improved playback functions)
SD card reader (ES25 only)
Chasing Playback
Simultaneous Record and Play
HDMI interface (for HD TVs, ES25 only)
Remote can control some TV sets (on/off, vol, ch.)

Main disadvantages:

Slower start up and ending times (except for DVD-RAM)
Harder to use remote and interface
No hacks to remove Macrovision and Region protection
Has issues with DVD+RW media
No adustable auto-chapter setting
No way to repace a defective drive
Higher price

sorry I posted this in 2 places MY BAD

I’ve really been interested in a DVD-RAM recorder for the easy stop/start ability of the discs. But it appears that neither of these have a SPDIF port (RCA Jack for digital audio)

It seems each recorder that I look at is missing one thing!

The mini lite-ons don’t have Svideo, panasonics don’t have spdif, most recorders don’t support DVD-RAM.

That is something I may have forgotten to mention in some of my posts. The fact that with DVD-R and DVD-RW you have more fast-forward speed options - to me, that is significant. Yes, I can use the CM SKIP button to skip 1 minute segments, but the ability to be able to fast forward at 30x, 70x or even 200x speeds is very convenient.

I think it adds chapters when you finalize a disk, but I do miss the Lite-On’s ability to specify automatic chapter intervals.

It just so happens that the CODE for controlling TV’s works with my Toshiba 32A33, so I can turn it on, switch between the 3 video inputs (Input 1 is normal TV, Input 2 is my Playstation 2 and Input 3 is my Panasonic DVR) and adjust the channel and volume. I like that the ADD/DLT channel button is right there on the remote, and also like the DELETE button, which makes it easy to delete shows you have already watched to free up space, while leaving shows you have not yet watched there on the disk.

I do hope you enjoy it. I know that I have, and continue to.

Best wishes,