Panasonic es15 vs. Samsung dvd r135 upconvert



ok so here’s the deal the price difference is about ten dollars…i like the fact that sammy has an hdmi and auto chapter creation… but i like the fact that panny has multi format! i don’t know what to decide… there is no samsung forum here…so i wonder if thats a sign…well…

My plan is to burn old home movies…then transfer them to computer to edit and make a new dvd with them on it…

is sammy hd conversion really that much better? or shud i stick with panny…



Bought the Panasonic DMR-ES15 due to the ratings in Consumers for the ES10 which it replaces-

Nothing Samsung ever rates very high - and afterall - it should be the high quality of the recordings that a purchaser should be aiming for-

There is also a new Panasonic Upconverting DVD player AND DVD recorder combo out - Panasonic DMR ES25S for $190 here:

Now - that would be the best of both worlds as I also have a Panasonic s77 upconverter that I really like-



thanks for some insight…