Panasonic es10 recordings show glitches on other players

I’ve tried 3 dvd player brands with es10 recorded discs and they can’t go for for more than a minute or two without either a momentary freeze or a sort of skitter effect which lasts a second or slightly longer.

Even my old pacific 1002 which can play most stuff without hitch suffers from it.
Yet all recordings play back flawlessly on the panasonic es10 itself .

Happens equally both with dvd-rw and -r recordings and I’ve tried 3 different good disk brands

any suggestions for a player or media to try or anything ?


ps I copied an es10 -rw file to my hd and burned it with nero onto a -r with the same results

For media i’d recommend Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim and player maybe a cyberhome it’s not expensive but a powerful all-in-one eater.

thanks rapid fire

since posting this i have found that a friend’s sony player seems to work o’k, tho’ I’ve only had time to test one es10 recorded -r on it so far.

I’ve tried ridata, verbatim imation plus a few other discs
ridata and verbatim were recommended by other es10 users

That the sony works is encouraging but this is a very limited solution
it means that unless I mail out a free player with each disc :smiley:
sharing discs with friends and relatives is pot luck and depends upon their players.

Hidden deep within the panasonic user manual is a one line comment that es10 recordings may not play back on some other players - they should print this in dayglo large typeface on the box

I’ll try a cyberhome, I hear the 1600 also play back data avi’s