Panasonic EH50 finalise query

Quite simple really, I only record to HDD but occasionaly copy to DVD-RW so other family members can watch programs. At present I do;

1 Format DVD-RW
2 Create dub list and dub
3 Finalise the disc

So 3 distinct and separate steps - have I missed a trick whereby I can do all 3 in one go or combine 2, such as dub and immediately finalise ?


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From what I can see, the steps you give there is shortest means of dubbing content to DVD-RW. According to the manual, it mentions in a few places that the disc must be finalised after performing a dub operation, so this clearly indicates that it is not possible to combine the dub operation and finalisation stage in a single step. :rolleyes:

One thing you can try is perform the dub operation without initialising the DVD-RW. There is a good chance the DVD recorder will carry this out automatically. However, if the disc still contains a previous recording or other data, then it will be necessary to first initialise it.