Panasonic E85H

Apparently many people have this problem. It is stuck on
“please wait” forever & ever. I have tried resetting it…unplugging it for hours & it will not boot up. It’s only 2 years old & I have never had any problems up to now.

What to do?

Can anyone recommend a unit that has the features of the E85 or better
thats been working more than say 2 or 3 years?

Personally I think Panasonic should recall these units & replace the power supply or hard drive as it’s a known issue & their fault.


I fixed my DVD Recorder, it turned out to be a power supply issue. There are two capacitors that fail in the power supply (the power supply is located under the hard drive holding bracket). I easily observed the failed capacitors because they appeared slightly bloated, with a slight leakage of substance on the top. By replacing them with spares de-soldered from a functioning but useless electronic device, I was able to completely restore my unit. So, with a basic knowledge of DC Circuits and fair soldering skills, I have resurrected my recorder.

The “Please Wait” message is caused by the hard drive not spinning up. Most people would naturally assume this is a bad hard drive, but even bad hard drives spin up (they just make lots of bad noises if they are failing). The issue was that the power supply was not delivering the proper power to the hard drive. Don’t replace your hard drive, you will lose your recordings. Test the power first.

If you are not comfortable or electronic circuit savoy, then you can get your unit fixed for a flat rate of $130 by Panasonic. There is a special number to call:

Panasonic Service Center
1590 Touhly Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Another post had this number, 1-847-468-5543, but when I called them, they gave me the above information.

Good luck. Considering the unavailability of any other units like this on the market, and the high price of buying one used, I think that $130 flat rate is fair (not great) deal.

I also replied this same answer to another similar post:

I just picked up my unrepaired DVR from a Panasonic recognized repair shop with this same power problem and 2 capacitors. Unfortunately, they can no longer obtain new power boards and will not fix broken boards.

This problem is no longer repairable by an authorized repair shop. :sad:


A Panasonic “recognized” repair shop is not the same type of operation as the Panasonic Service Center.

The Panasonic Service Center has Panasonic parts (even “obsolete” parts) and Panasonic technicians that renew Panasonics, and only Panasonics, to their original condition. One of my Panasonics needed work. After contacting Panasonic, I sent it to the Panasonic Service Center in Illinois. It was back within two weeks in as-new condition.

A Panasonic Authorized Repair Shop probably services many other brands, specializing in none. They may not even have a Technical Service Manual for your product.

Jazzguy1233 gave good advice in his posting just above yours.

When I called Panasonic directly, they told me to take it to them. I am not sure of their exact level of service center(ness) but this is where they told me to take it. And it was Panasonic which told them that they no longer provide the part.


The repair shop you visited probably was reluctant to replace the capacitors as they are not confident enough to guarantee such repair work. It is probably their “policy” to replace “old” boards with “new” boards, not to replace two capacitors on an old board. When they contacted Panasonic Parts they found that “new” boards are no longer in stock.

Your machine’s problem probably requires disassembly to remove the board from the chassis in order to unsolder the old capacitors and solder in new capacitors, followed by reassmbly of your machine.

This labor is more involved than swapping a new board with an old board. I have done this careful type of disassembly, swapping of chassis motherboards, followed by careful reassembly. But I am not a “tech” so have very little experience in soldering.

Soldering work should be left to those with experience. There are those that have such experience in most localities. They would have the requisite knowledge to identify the right type of capacitors, obtain them, and “repair” your board. Again, the problem is a “guarantee” that the repair will work after everything is put back together.

The other alternative is to contact the Panasonic Service Center directly. They probably have “new” “used” or “refurbished” parts for most everything. They do more than swap parts.

It’s a free call to find out what they can do for you: 1-888-439-2676

Thanks DigaDo,

I did call them and left a message detailing my situation. The other repair center gave me the part# of the failed component so hopefully that will help. It would be awesome if you are right and they can fix it as I pretty much already gave up hope of repair. Luckily I have not reformatted the drive yet as it holds about 60 hours of edited content waiting to go to DVD.

What stinks is that Panasonic gave me a list of places for repair and I picked the closest one assuming they were all equivalent. Elk Grove Village is only another 10 to 20 minutes away. Live and learn.

BTW, I picked up a cheap Polaroid DVR to use as a replacement and I have come to the conclusion that it is no replacement. I might get used to it in the future but right now, it is painful to use. I really want my Panasoinc back.