Panasonic E55 DVD recorder and Ram disc Problem

Hi all ( sorry if this has been asked already)

In the last few days my E55 will not read or even format ram discs, I’ve tried even brand new ones straight out of their wrapper.
They all come up unformatted or unsupported.

Yet it will read and write to DVD-r’s with no problem.

What could be causing this, I’ve gone over all the FAq’s etc, made sure discs are clean etc. Whic the brand new ones would be.

All discs I’m using a Panasonic ones.
Thanks in advance


Only thing I can think of, is to try cleaning the laser. Re-setting the machine might be called for too (unplug it).

Hi thanks for reply.
Yes I’ve unplugged it, made no difference.

Lense cleaning sounds like what it may need, as I noticed a movie I recorded onto a DVD-r the otehr day, after I have finalised that disc, I played it back on both laptop and pc dvd players and only 1/2 the screen is showing the picture, so something is not right.
I know Panasonic has a lenses cleaner you can buy through a retailer on their web site, do u thin one made by Verbatim would be okay to use, as the place that sells the Panasonic one is on the other side of town and doesn’t look like they have a web site.
Thanks for your help

Hi I have exactly the same problem and the advice i have been given is that it may most probably be a defective RAM unit within the machine , i hope not over £100 to repair…if you get a solution please let me know via this thread


Hi mate, have ordered a lens cleaner, I’ll let you know what happens.

But according to Panasonic Service, they recommened I take it to a service centre.

I read a review today about this brand and model and bad disc reading was the main criticsim about it and how it takes so long to check discs.

I’m a smoker and I’m told these units get quite hot and Dust and smoke can build up on the lense, so I’m hoping lens cleaner works.

If I have to fork out more than $100 to fix , I’ll save the money and buy a unti with a HD and sell this for what I can get on EBay.


Smokers + electronics = :Z

It the lens has gotten smoke grunge on it, it might take disassembly and cleaning with a q-tip and alcohol.


Well I got myself a lens cleaner from a site in Australia

Sure there are ones overseas who sell them as well.
Panasonic has their own too, but you have to go to one of the retailers to get one.

Anyway I ran it once and dvd recorder was happy to play and record dvd-r’s
So I ran it 3 more times and guess what, reads and records my DVD-ram’s again.

So that was cheaper than getting it serviced.
Hope this helps people :wink: