Panasonic E50, I can't read folders created on RAM, ACCESS DENIED!

Well this is a weird problem. I copy a tape on my Panasonic E50 DVD recorder. I am using a DVD-RAM disc. In the past I have been able to read these files on a Pioneer 107. I just got an LG 4163 to do the same thing but now I get the message “ …folder not accessible. Access denied”. I have searched for solutions to this problem but everything I find relates to security permissions on hard drives. As this is an optical drive there is no security tab on the properties folder.

I have been able to rip this with DVDDcrypter to an ISO and then burn it to an RW disc. I get the same problem, even when I try to read on another drive. I have reformatted the disc on the Panasonic recorder and I have burned to 2 different RAM discs. The disc is formatted as UDF 2.0.

I got this drive and the newer 5X media just to read from my Panasonic. I know it is possible because many of you have done the same thing. In all other ways, this LG drive reads and writes perfectly. Please help. Something somewhere just insists that I can’t read the folder.

ADDED: Sorry, disregard, I found that InCD, even though disabled, was stopping me from reading RAM discs not created on this computer. Uninstalling it solved the problem. Nero strikes again.