Panasonic DVR finalizing fails a lot!



I am becoming afraid to Finalize any DVD I record on my panasonic DVR because most of the time the finalize fails… and I lose the entire contents of that disc.
Is there a program I can run on my Windows PC that can read an UN-Finalized
panasonic DVD and copy all the files onto my hard disk drive and then the program
can do the “Finalize” on the “disc file images” on my PC’s Hard disk and then use
Nero or something to Burn the Video files back onto a blank DVD ?
Extremely dis-satisfied with the Panasonic DVR ability to finalize its DVDs.


Hey man what model dvr do you have


I also have same issue I found that using a rw disk works in order to recopy to dvr r I have dmrea18


go to…t-help-210507/


You should finalize using your P.C if this problem persists.
DVD Decrypter (free) will finalize any DVD.
If DVD Decrypter fails to finalize due to a ‘parsing’ problem there is something wrong with your DVD recorder.
Another solution is to record everything onto a DVD RW disc and when it’s full put it in your PC and with some software such as Sonic or Magic DVD copier perform a ‘disc copy’ onto a DVD R.
The software will finalize the DVD after copying. :iagree:


I ended up using dvr rw unfinalized then copied to dvr r seems when you funalize on panasonic you can only play on few other players not more. there is a note in manual saying no guarantees you can play elsewhere