Panasonic DVR-ES25 vs Tivo series 3 Unit

Hello, I am new at this and need to know how to hookup My ES25 to the New Tivo series 3 HD DVR. I wish to save the videios that I recorded on my Tivo to the ES25 DVD disk. Then I would like to play them to my Sony tv. At present I do not have a HD TV. Thank you…

I’m not familiar with the Tivo, but I do have a ES-25. I would belive the Tivo would have a S-out and audio out. I would hook those to the S and audio in of the ES-25(either front or rear jacks, it’s up to you).
It the Tivo has the capability of outputting Wide Screen to the S-out jacks you will need to decide if you want to record the WS image or just 4x3. This is selected in the setup of the ES-25 under the setup screens. It will ask you if you have a 16x9 or 4x3 TV. If you want to record the full screen select 16x9 480i. Note when you do this if you are currently watching on a 4x3 TV you will see the whole 16x9 frame on your 4x3 screen, which means the image will be vertically stretched(people will be tall and skinny).
You need to make the choice before recording since depending how you have set that setting you will either get full 16x9 image or just 4x3 to disc. Once you have set 4x3 you can never have full 16x9 image when playing that disc, even on a 16x9 TV. If you’re planning on getting a 16x9 TV fairly soon I’d record all discs in 16x9, but it’s up to you.

Thank you very much, I will try the hookup. I sure appreciate you taking the time to help me. Ed