Panasonic DVDRV32 and BTC 1004 ?!?!

They don´t work together.
My standalone don´t accept any DVD when it burned on the BTC 1004. I burned so much DVD-R ; DVD-RW ; DVD+R !!!
Nothing !!!
The DVD´s are stottering, the picture stand still and so on.
What´s the problem???
On a Phillips burner (one of the first how burn only DVD+RW)
i burned a booktype -Rom DVD(Panasonic DVDRV32 don´t accept no +RW) the DVD is running perfect!!!
The BTC burner burned sad ?!?!?!:frowning:
The BTC is ugley ?!?!?!:frowning:
What´s wrong whith this burner???:frowning:

THX for nothing BTC :confused:
I can´t change the Burner because i buy it for 4 weeks.

What can I do ???

I had the same problem with my gigabyte GO-W0404A which is the btc 1004
anyways, after wasting a lot of money on dvd-r’s to try to get it work on my rv32, here’s what i’ve found
tdk dvd-r: doesnt work at all (but that was a 2x that i tried… so if there’s a 4x… try it i suppose)
record dvd-r: doesnt work at all
ritek dvd-r: doesnt work at all
databank: pixelated, unwatchable.
tdk dvd-rw: works 100% fine!
RiData dvd-r: works 100% fine!

also, the ridata is the ONLY disc that works on my xbox with philips drive, so I’m sticking with ridata

RiDAta ?!? Were can you buy it !!!

I’m in Australia, and I get all my computer hardware and media at computer swapmeets.

Thank´s alot i search in internet about the Ridata.
Is this a 4x speeded ?!
Like this

the ones i get look like this

Well I have burned a few of the memorex dvd+rw and a couple of the Fry’s name brand GQ and I have had no problem at all. I have taken them to the store and tryed it on all of there demo dvd’s with both disc. Even the Panasonic dvd players that said they only play dvd-r and rom played the +rw with no problems. :smiley:

Well there is my two cents worth.


What cost it in your shop !!!

I to have the same Panasonic DVD player. Right on the front it say’s it plays DVD-R. So I made a copy of a movie and it wouldnt read the disc. So I tryed another type od DVD-R and the same thing. I went out and bought a Toshiba dvd player and they player great. Go figure.

Seppelsepp, what does it cost in your shop?
Do you know

gah latest batch of ridata i got is pixelated on the rv32, and doesnt work at all on my xbox
i guess im back to square one :frowning:

i’m using tdk +r & -r 4-speed for xbox (both philips and thompson) they work perfect, also the +rw (booktype changed) and then -rw work but often need to open the tray a few times before the disc’s are recognized.

tdk’s are a bit more expensive but there worth it…

hmm i’ve only seen tdk 2x -r
i guess if i see 4x i’ll try it, since the burner burns even crappier quality at 2x maybe at 4x tdk would be okay

i think next time i get some media ill try some +r too

i just tried databank dvd+r (apparently made by ritek)
and it doesnt work

i want to just smash the “burner” into a million pieces :frowning:

i have got no problem. i am using memmorex dvd-r or princo dvd -r and all work fine. and my xbox take tis media too.

sorry bad english

mfg crussader

i’d stay away from princo… a friend of mine princo disc shattered in his xbox… xbox drive doesnt work anymore

what sort of drive does ur xbox have? its you have the thompson or the samsung then it’s easy to find media for that… but the philips drive is as picky as the rv32 because the gigabyte burner write quality is so poor.

Try flashing your 1004 with the bitsetting rom found here and then set booktype on your disc to -ROM

see if that helps.