Panasonic DVDHDD Recorder

I am having trouble with my Panasonic DVD Recorder in that every now and then the times on the TV Guide are out by one hour, eg a program that is due to come on at 6.30pm appears on the Guide as commencing at 5.30pm. I have fixed the problem by resetting all the analogue and digital channels from scratch which seems to temporarily fix the propblem but it’s a pain. Can anyone help to stop this problem recurring??

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The EPG times are generally based on the clock, GMT and DST settings.

Check the time & date setting to make sure the correct time & date are in and that the Time Zone setting (if present) is set to your time zone. Another thing to check is if there is a setting for daylight savings time (DST). If this setting is present, try toggling it and putting the correct time back in to see if the EPG times come up correct.