Panasonic dvd-s53 divx subtitles

hello i have bought the panasonic dvd-s53 dvd player yesterday, it was a good upgrade for me because my norcenth dvd player have a few issues with the double layer discs.

the panasonic player really plays all the media that i put on it, but i don´t know how to play the divx subtitles, i have many movies with text (.srt .ssa .txt) subtitle files, but i don’t know how to play it, the divx movie show perfect, but the subtitles files don’t show and i don’t know how to select it ?

somebody can help me with this ? thank you in advance.

Though I don’t own one most of the time you need to have the subtitles named the same as the avi.

Like movie.avi and

After looking at the specs on various sites I don’t see where it says it supports Subtitles, does it specifically say it does?