Panasonic DVD-RW

I’m currently in the market for some DVD-RW discs and I spotted these at Dixons:

Anyone know what media code these are? Or has anybody here tried them?

I already know that the Panasonic DVD-Rs are genuine Taiyo Yuden but I have no idea if these discs are also Taiyo Yuden. I suspect that they’re not.

Did they say “MIJ” anywhere on the packaging?

And I don’t think they’re TY either…to the best of my knowledge, TY don’t make RW discs?

True, TY dont make DVDRW media. And MIJ is not on the boxes cause ive seen them. I’m pretty sure that the only Panasonic MIJ DVD-RW are 2x. I guess 4x will be TDK… but im just guessing here, it could really be anything.

If its panasonic and MIJ it will have a big red box that says (made in japan) on the packaging.

Who those who want to know, a friend of mine bought these last week.

These discs are Made in Taiwan.

The Media Code is MEI 03RW0003 (I can’t be 100% sure so don’t quote me on this).

Haven’t tried them myself as I’ve just bought myself some Maxell -RWs from Amazon.

MEI is Panasonic’s own media code, AFAIK


I would underline it too.

MIT MEI? I wonder which factory does those then?
I only know that they used Ritek and Ricoh codes before.

It’s definitely MEI - I can guarantee that much.

The 2x Pana -RWs are also MEI.

In that link, it has a pic of the back of the box and in the small print it says, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd, Made in Japan.

The ones from Currys also read Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd on the back of the box (in the small print) but it also reads Made in Taiwan.

It sounds like they’re either fake MEIs (if such a thing exists) or Panasonic have started to manufacture they’re -RWs in Taiwan.

Well. The Verbatim Pearl Whites also say Verbatim on them.
If it’s the code - oh well… :frowning:

I’d go for the latter, I never had Panasonic down for producing fake media.

If someone can post the serial numbers/stamper codes maybe we can try and figure out who made those MIT Panasonic discs?

I’ve got :

[li]some Ricoh DVD+RW discs, MIT - which should cover Ricoh made by Ritek stuff.
[/li][li]some CMC MAG DVD+RW discs - so that covers CMC
[/li][li]a few Infodisc made DVD+RW discs - so that covers Infodisc
I also have a 5x Panasonic DVD-RAM disc with a MEI MID, so we can see how that compares.

That leaves Optodisc, Prodisc and Verbatim (should be same S/N as either Prodisc or CMC but with a different stamper code). If other people who have these discs can check against the S/Ns and stamper codes of those, we can soon figure this out. :slight_smile:

I also have some SONY S11 (MIT). At first glance no readable hub code though.

Hub codes can be really hard to see for some brands. I’ve found the best way is to shine a flash light on the inner part of the disc, then slowly rotate the disc (while holding it of course!). Usually, at a certain angle, the hub code will reflect the light and show up really clearly.