Panasonic DVD Recorder U88 code

I am going to guess that this topic has been discussed before because this has been a common problem for me.

I have a Panasonic VHS/DVD-Recorder combo which I like to use to record sports, programs and movies to DVD discs. I use Verbatim 16x Lightscribe discs and I know they are quality.

My constant issue is that I would say six times out of ten, when recording a program, I will look at the clock counting up as it is recording and then notice the clock has stopped, the recorder quits recording, it flashes a U88 code, and then it attempts to go into disc recovery and it powers down. I press the power to bring it back up and it leaves no time remaining on the disc with nothing recovered, leaving me with basically a coaster – and these discs aren’t that cheap to begin with.

What really burns me is the time (and discs) wasted because of it quitting during recording.

This is the third recorder of the same type that I have owned over the years and they have all done the same thing. This one has become so unreliable that I feel like I don’t even want to record anymore because I just know that it is going to F-up and waste time and discs.

Is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening? Does it need a cleaning? Does it need new firmware? Has anyone else experienced this and at the frequency that I am?

First time poster. Thanks for all of the help and thoughts.

J in PA

I think there are some Pannys that have this error show up.
Perhaps cleaning the spindle will help.
Also if this is an older model, you may have to find discs that are compatible with your recorder.

I suppose that I forgot to list my model number. Doh!


I believe I have had this one for about four years now. The last one I had I tried to take the lid off and give the lens a little cleaning with a q-tip but couldn’t get the disc tray to go back into place after that. couldnt get the thing to line up and the springs to match, so I had to get a new one, and I won’t take this one apart to attempt to clean it either.

Any other thoughts?

If you have different disc, I would give it a try.
There are several guys over on avsforum that are quite knowledgeable about
Panasonic dvd recorders, I would try over there.
Yet that is the first thing that comes up about those recorders…the spindle needs cleaning.
I noticed that second link doesn’t work anymore, it was supposed to be instructions on how to clean the spindle.
If the disc slips while the spindle turns, it will cause a bad burn.
Have these discs you have now, worked in the past on that recorder?

Absolutely. The discs are supposed to be some of the best. I have bought many spindles over the years of Verbatim DVD-Rs (with Lightscribe because I enjoy etching the tops of the discs in my computer’s drive). They are the only kind I purchase because I don’t see too many brands that offer Lightscribe.