Panasonic dvd recorder problem

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DMR-EH585. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Have been following discussion re panasonic dvd recorders and spindle cleaning. We have a 8 month old dmreh68 ( our second one in two years!!! grrrrr) and it has stopped recognising discs so we are unable to get any of our programmes off the HDD so before we take it back ( under warranty) do you have any suggestions as how we do this??? as in connecting to our other transonic dvd recorder to copy items across??
Not sure how to go about this though, can we hook up to a computer??

[QUOTE=tamarix49;2422529]so we are unable to get any of our programmes off the HDD so before we take it back ( under warranty) do you have any suggestions as how we do this??? [/QUOTE] You cannot. The only way you can get them off your hdd is by using the dvd recorder of the machine. I doubt this thing has a firewire connection.

The slow, but sure to work solution: Get another recorder and re-record them (play them on recorder 1, record them on recorder 2).

just seen this thread, can you advise “can’t get any of our’s off the HDD”.
Do you mean the DVD does not see the discs or does not record.
If it does not see the disc you could try changing to a better one, they all differ.
If it is a case that you can read the disc after copy, again I would try a different disc, ASDA disc are know to cause problems as they are cheap and on a PC you can get around this. But if you are trying to read it on a DVD player I’m not sure how you resolve that.

Hope that is clear.

Hi ParGolfer,

I’ve just come across your thread while searching for a solution to this problem.

Did you make any progress, please?


Hi Dave,

No after 2 new DVD sets, I decided to return it to Amazon and am awaiting for the new year to try again (just in case they sent the first one back to me.

I am still not sure if it is fact it was the DVD and not my Panasonic plasma TV which was new.

As an ex IT Controller I can work around electronics but this has had me puzzled.

Do you have the same problem? If so that would be very interesting.

That was quick!

This, for my wife and I, is one of those irritating little problems which tempt one to direct a well-aimed boot at the screen! :a

I don’t think it’s the plasma - I have no problems at all with Sky or my Blu-Ray - and it tends to be one of those problems which only crops up now and again. So, my wife sighs, I promise to research it and all is forgotten until next time!!!

The symptoms? The screen goes black (sound still OK) the symbols showing the source and aspect appear, sometimes flashing a few times, then the picture reappears.

A few weeks ago I had a “eureka!” moment and thought it might be struggling with the aspect - so I changed from AUTO to 16:9 - but that didn’t work.

It only happens while watching recorded material off the Hard Disk but, saying that, we rarely use it for DVDs.

I’ll have to give Panasonic a try (which is why I wondered whether you’d heard from them) - but I know from experience that they’re very slow, ask a lot of obvious questions and eventually I get the impression that they’re just using a manual - and I can do that!

Hope you have better luck with your next one!




Panasonic, as you say only read from the check list and did not appear to have any idea what I was talking about and their only suggestion was to take it into one of the service centers and let them sort it out. As is rarely happens they did not hang about and just said they could not find the fault.

As for you not using DVD (purchased) I have and it does happen on them as well.

It’s a pity because I have been researching the net for a DVD as good as this one ie price etc, there is nothing out there.

I will get the new DVD in the new year and if I have the same problem or not will advise you. Just keeping my fingers crossed.

Based on that information I may not bother with Panasonic’s service!

Happy Hunting and Happy Christmas!


Interesting stuff guys - DVD recorders are so cheap nowadays that if you can’t get it under warrenty, or returns or anything like that, ditch it and buy another one. I bought a DVD recorder, brand new and boxed, for £39.99; the recorder model is a Visitron 5001… Cheap little recorder when it was released in 2008 for £99 WITH 160GB hard drive!
I highly recommend this purchase, in particular I didn’t want to pay the insane price of getting a proper branded recorder say Phillips or Panasonic, and as far as I see it for £40 this is a steal. No, it wasn’t refurbished. Rejected stock maybe :wink:
Anyway, regarding your problem, have you opening up the DVD recorder, disconnecting the hard drive inside the recorder unit, and plugged it into your computer via either a USB enclosure unit, or by opening up your computer to work along side your current hard drive? It might be possible to copy the files over and burn them like video files, I know that my recorder uses a generic IDE hard drive model, hehe :smiley: