Panasonic DVD Recorder problem

This is very probably in the wrong place or forum, but I am badly in need of help with my DVD Recorder. It is a Panasonic DMR EZ25EB, with a built-in Freeview. It works very well and then suddenly the screen will go blank. If you then put into tv mode it is OK, but it seems only taking the plugs in and out of the sockets makes the dvd work again. We have no trouble with recording, playback, etc, just this fault that is driving us crazy. Sometimes it will be OK for a couple of weeks, then it will go blank again.

the unit is not being overheated. There is nothing in the manual that helps. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and whether there is a simple solution, or will I have to get someone in to have a look at it?

all thoughts would be appreciated.

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