Panasonic DVD Recorder Model DMR-EH585

Hi Guys

I am what may be considered a novice and would like some help/advice regarding the title mentioned under Title, which I purchased some 17th months ago.
I have two receivers (Pace and Tevion) connected to unit and recently when I switch over to the Tevion RX and try to view, the picture on my monitor is completely different to that when I view using the Pace receiver.
I am wondering why the picture is different and how can be it corrected. Can it be that something is wrong with the setup either on the Dvd unit or the Tevion RX
Your assistance is trying to resolve this problem is appreciated.
I also have another problem which upon solving, will post another thread.

Thanks in advance

Hi Guys

In response to my thread, not hearing anything, I did some research and finally solved my problem as follows;

I kept trying to check out what could be the cause and eventually found out why. In fact it had nothing to do with my DVD Recorder. The problem was with the Tevion Receiver. In setup the TV settings was set to RGB instead of COMPOSITE. Now it is functioning correctly after changing.

Hopefuly this may be helpful to anyone having a similar problem


Where in the settings do you find the setting RGB and how to switch in to COMPOSITE? Expect have same problams for own tv set don’t know sure can anyone help? sorry bad english not so good


Please confirm that you are using a Tevion Satellite Receiver and what model. The model which I use is FTA2005. Perhaps you are not using the same model but who knows the setup could very well be similar.
In any event this is a brief resume of what I did to be able to change the settings.
Using remote contro the sequence which I use is as follows:

Click menu - setup - settings - tvsetup - video type. You should see RGB or COMPOSITE. Set the video type to COMPOSITE and assuming you are experiencing the problem which I had in my thread, it should now be OK

Pls let me know how you get on