Panasonic DVD Recorder Fault

[qanda]This thread is about the Panasonic DIGA DMRE85HEBS. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi folks - tracked down every post I could find on the issue I am having but thought I’d ask if anyone has any updated info regarding this fault. Here is the story so far …

Flawless until two days ago - dubbed some VHS content to HDD, no problem

  • went to transfer to DVD-R, Disc failed then recovery took place - has not happened a lot before

  • now unit fails to recognise any kind of disc at all, including: Blank; Full with content created by the unit; R4, or R1 movies etc.

Unit is showing the “disc present” icon on the display all the time and gives displays NoREAD no matter what I do.

It seems as if the unit thinks there is a disc present all the time, even with no disc in the unit.

Each time I turn it off and back on, it makes a sound like the transport is trying to read a disc - this sound is a short ‘hum’ repeated at a set frequency 4 times, followed by a single ‘hum’ at a slightly lower frequency as if the machine is giving up…then comes the NoRead.

I unplugged the unit for around 45 minutes, but it made no difference - I read the manual which gave no ideas, so here we are.

I took the machine apart and cleaned the dust and dirt off it as much as I could see, but I only used a cotton bud and water … no alcohol, but it made no difference … I guess if there is some kind of microswitch or optical sensor that is pressed/covered causing it to think a disc is in it all the time, but I doubt it is that simple - I am thinking it is a software glitch that has caused it.

We will be upgrading to the new model once this issue is rectified - hopefully it will be an easy fix, with only the need for me to RESET the software or something.

I did contact Panasonic using their ‘feedback’ area (the only way to communicate with them in Australia, it seems) - all I got as a reply was “take it to a repairer”