Panasonic DVD Recorder dubbing

Hi! I live in a PAL TV System country. I have a Panasonic DMR E500H 400GB(at EP setting) DVD recorder. I also use a Panasonic F70 PAL VHS recorder, a Panasonic NW1 Multi System Semi-professional VHS recorder and a Panasonic NTSC LaserDisc player.

I have had great success with the VHS systems transferring with these same machines since about 1994. I used a PAL tape to make a DVD-R in NTSC and sent to USA it came out great. However, I now have problems and don’t know how to sort it out. A friend with an early Panasonic Recorder is also trying to do the same as me to make NTSC discs. The result we get is b&w pix with a frame line problem, usually down considerably from the top. I can use a device between machines that copies NTSC to PAL on the HDD on DMR E500H and then to disc later. What I want to do is use the equipment I have and make NTSC Discs from PAL to NTSC DVD-R in the DMR E500H. I have tried many combinations and getting nowhere after many hours of experimenting. Any clues would be appreciated.


I am facing a similar problem, I have a panasonic DMR-500 recoder (PAL System). I have been trying to copy my old laserdisc (NTSC System) movies to the DMR-500 HDD but I only get B&W distorted image. After some research on my dvd recoder, I found out that it only supports PAL System and not able to record NTSC system movies. I have a big laserdisk collection and I wanted to copy some classic movies to dvd but I guess, I either have to forget about the laserdiscs or replace my panasonic dvd recorder with another that supports multisystem recording like the pioneer DVR-530H-S. Any other cheaper solutions that you can help me with?