Panasonic DVD RAM

Jeez I hope somebody has a decent answer to this. Is a VDR-M75PP. Had problems with initial install & use. Uses USB2.0, first called itslef drive f: & said that drive was in use by another app. Called Panasonic support (absolutely useless). Self determined that Web Cam was problem, uninstalled then worked fine. Went to download the Ram disc after the wife loaded her new iPod stuff yesterday and now it calls itself drive g: and guess what, in use by another app or in unstable state. I un-installed all her stuff, re & re all the panasionic stuff but still same problem. From other help sites the advice is to find out what app is using and kill it. Much easier said than done. I’ve been at this all day and am about ready to give this damn thing a trip to the moon! If anyone has been through this or simply knows how to find out the drive hijacker please advise!! :sad: