Panasonic dvd+r 8x made in tw


over here it seems that panasonic media have been changing quite a few over time. first it has been MEI00V002, after that TYG01(never had those, though) and then TYG02 for dvd-r. it seems my local market is swapping the dvd-r 8x (nevereveragainavailablethere) to dvd+r 8x media, which is made in taiwan. anyone have a mid on this one? is it cmc?


I have a 25-disc spindle printables which is RICOHJPN R02 (003). Threw away the shrink-wrap, but remember it said Made in Taiwan (which is correct for this MID obviously). The top label has a reference no. LM-PS120ME25. Bought these in Germany.

Hope this helps.

Apparently those are Ritek. They have a gray base.

mine’s black

Now which media code do they have then??

As posted above: RICOHJPN R02. I got them from Media Markt in Aachen earlier this year (which also had the TYG02 -R printables from Panasonic at the time).