Panasonic dvd codecs

hi, does anyone know if there exist codecs or something that can help me play unfinalized dvd-rw’s, created by my panasonic dvd player on my pc. i can play these dvd’s on my laptop, but not on my desktop pc. the dvd drive on my pc normally has no problems with dvd-rw’s, but it can’t read the disks burnt by the dvd player. i would think if my laptop can play these disks, my desktop pc also should be able to tho this, but i can’t figure out how.

Un-finalized means that there’s no “lead-out” on the disc, which makes it an unreadable file system on a PC.

There are disc rescue programs around that might pull the files off the disc. Look at ISOBuster and similar software. You might also look at your options for closing the discs, some burning applications can do this.

If you still have the Panasonic, just close the discs. If you want a solution for moving video around without the hassle of closing the disc, consider DVD-RAM.