Panasonic DVD/CD player

I need your suggestions/tips… (again)

An week ago i bought a new CD/DVD/Stereo set, an Panasonic SCPM08 [Home cinema set]…
It is realy an cool set, but there is only one problem, because it wont read CD-R format’s. And that sux, because 75% of my cd’s ar CD-R’s…

Is there an oppotunity to play cdr’s on it??? (with an trick or sompthing??)

Please help :slight_smile:

phrozeman, you should have known better…
you should checked out before buying, if the choosen DVD properly worked with all kinds of CDRmedia.
Now you have to deal with your choice. You have to check out, which brand works well on your beloved toy and stick with that brand.
I had same problem with a diffrent brand DVDplayer; only Princo works well and ALL CDRW’s but that should not apply in your case.