Panasonic DVD-A360EC

Hi there,
I bought this dvd player in 1999. I have now connected a beamer. Using Video IN and OUT is ok (yellow plugs). The beamer receives athe signal.
I need a longer cable and want to use the s-video IN and OUT. I connected a 10m (I need 10m) cable. One side is Scart, the other S-video. The scart side I connected to one of the 2 scart outlets. The s-video side of the cable goes into the s-video IN onf the beamer. The beamer unfortunately does not recognise the s-video signal. The video signal in the dvd player is probably not sent to the scart outlet.
Questions is:
How can I tell the dvd player to send the signal to the scart OUT? And not to the S-video OUT.

Anybody can help me?

I’ll transfer this to the Panasonic part of CD Freaks’ DVD Recorder and Home Entertainment’ section (also is for DVD players).

Edit: Done :slight_smile: