Panasonic dv model nv-ds27b

:flower:I have a problem & am really hoping someone here can help me. Panasonic repair department wanted money up front (cheque) when sending them my DV camera (?). I then made contact with a separate company who advised they were unable to help me.

Anyway, here’s my problem.

Twice a year, I film my daughter’s dance school shows over 3 nights. The parents buy DVD’s from me & the money goes into the fundraising for costumes, etc. I have been doing this for couple years now with no problems at all.

I use Pinnacle Studio 10. It has worked for me for couple years now, no problems.

Now last Christmas, I filmed as usual but when I put the leads into the pc, for some reason I then got a message ‘‘CANNOT DETECT THE DV CAMERA’’. AARRGGHHHHHHH. I thought it may have been the firewire on my pc, so I went out & bought USB/firewire & installed it into the back of my pc. Tried the leads again, same error message.

When I check the device manager, no detection there either. Oh no, help…

It suddenly dawned on me, it could be the firewire connection on my DV camera !! But why should it suddenly not work properly?

I am getting desperate now as it is approaching our summer shows & I still havent burned the Christmas shows yet!!

Let me see… I have given you the info need, if there is anything else you need to know please tell me.


Thanks so much

Eileen x :flower:


please to some checks:

[li]Check device manager if your firewire (IEEE1394) controller is shown without problem indicators.[/li][li]Check Bios setup if the firewire controller is enabled (in case the controller is not shown in device manager)[/li][li]Try another cable[/li][li]Try the camera with another computer[/li][/ol]


i agree check the firewire port itself and your bios. is there other software you did install in your system since then that may have taken that port over. try a different port if you hav one. i use pinnacle one problem i have found that sometimes when your close the program out it doesn’t always close down properly. see if you have additional programs open that say studio.exe or umi.exe.

also another big factor is if you have other burning programs open at the time will not allow your cam to be found. i found this with roxio and nero and various other ones. try it out and see what happens

go get a usb to dv cable and see if your cam works that way. is there settings in your cam that you might need to reset.

hope that helps you out.