Panasonic DMREX77EBK

i’m thinking of buying the Panasonic DMREX77EBK dvd/harddrive and freeview and i think :confused: its HD ready for £269.00 is this dvd recorder reliable?

please help as i bought a toshiba 2 years ago and it broke :a

I recently bought an EX-77 after having two Panasonic EH50s clap out after both had done around 220 hi speed HDD to DVD copies (even the electroluminescent displays had become invisible in all but a darkened room in just one year’s use)Having had two identical models clap out identically after a year’s moderate domestic use I came to the conclusion that the model was indeed a load of junk.What seems to clap out these machines is hi speed dub - firstly it seems to wear the DVD drive, secondly hi speed dub is very sensitive to data corruption on the HDD - a momentary data loss will result in the entire title not being dubbed (but the DVD blank being ruined)The one thing I notice with the EX 77 is that it would not allow hi speed copy of material recorded from its internal DVT receiver (a message appears saying that hi speed copy is not allowed of 16:9 material) however as I use it with an external satellite receiver then this material would hi speed copy.I am still in the honeymoon period of the machine so it is too early to say if its reliable - this time however I have a 3 year extended warranty - I think that is the only way. Hopefully Panasonic have learned from the problems of their earlier machines. Why did I buy a 3rd Panasonic? Because I was completely familiar with the operation - it was a good price £234, and the extended warranty.