Panasonic DMRES10 Nightmare, help please

I’ve had this Panasonic Recorder for just over a year and it’s recently started playing up a bit, well not a just a bit it seems well and truly buggered on the recording front. My recordings on panasonic double-sided cartridge type ram and ritek DVD-RW media stutter and stall resulting in something totally unwatchable. The playing of DVD films isn’t affected by this fault so all is not lost.

I’ve had the lid off and cleaned laser with spirit but it has made no difference whatsoever. I called Panasonic hoping for some generous sympathy but no, they say take it to a service centre where it’ll cost an arm and a leg to repair.
I am seriously thinkng of binning it and buying a PVR

If anyone has any information on how to solve my problem I’d be very grateful.
Also any info on altering my machine to multi region could be helpful, I have seen these one shot remotes but have also been told it is possible to do this with a laptops infrared port and some downloaded software.

Many thanks

try some DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs. Did you try the disc on another DVD player?
I know of no region hack for the ES10.
I thought my recorder was bad when some discs stuttered then found out it was my SONY player.
Not all bad it sill can be used a a player (one that plays DVD-RAM)

If you go to the Panasonic website you can download a firmware upgrade. You copy the firmware upgrade to a regular CD-rom and then it will give you instructions to run it on your DVD player.

I have done this and it corrected many problems with my recorder. Another thing to do is to unplug the machine for at least 30 seconds, this will reset the system.

hope this helps.