Panasonic DMR-HS2 Unformat hard drive problem


My DMR-HS2 is suddenly giving an unformat lcd message and wants to format my HDD when switching on, I guess my HDD has gone faulty so is there any way to save/recover any programmes I had recorded ? I’ve lost so much it was almost full


Hi Steve,
Mine has gone the same way !! I tried in the end to format the hard drive as i couldn’t think of anything else to do -it then it told me my programmes were protected and it couldn’t format them- i hadn’t protected anything on it !!!- Also all except a couple of bits on the Navigation menu are greyed out too !!!
Now given up and waiting delivery of a Panasonic EX75 - hope this is going to be ok -had the H2 for approx 3 years !! Will try and get it mended maybe later when i get some more cash together.

Hi, Steve

I’ve had the unformat lcd message too. I didn’t want to format my hard drive either, so I removed it. I fitted an 80 gig drive as it was one I had spare. The unit recognised the drive, but kept powering down. I thought that maybe the power supply could not cope with a larger drive so I tried connecting an external supply to the drive. This did work but the recorder had to be left on all the time. If it was switched off then back on it would not recognise the drive unless both could be switched back on at the same time.
Even though I fitted an 80 gig drive I did not appear get any increase in recording time.
The recorder was working fine for a few months, but now the same problem has returned. I now have two drives full of TV recordings!
I tried connecting a drive to a PC but it was not recognised. I think it was because of the way it is formatted by the recorder.
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you may get more info at:

Someone finally cracked the encoding. It’s apparently just VOB files writtern raw across the disk. Recovery is possible, but very very difficult and not to be undertaken if you are not into hex editing and raw device i/o. I will see if I can find the URL for that reference.

on a lighter note I have replaced the hd on my dmr-hs2 many times and not had the power supply issues described here. (if you use a larger hd it will still only recognize 40g)

This post addresses the underlying cause of a hard drive’s failure to “spin up” as problematic power supply capacitors, not a problem with the hard drive itself:

Here’s the skinny on datamining the HS2 hard drive:

Let me ask a question?
Are you trying to load a dvd when the recovery warning comes up?

  • or -
    Are you trying to turn the DMR-HS2 with a dvd in the drawer?
    Are you trying to boot up a dvd that has not been finalized and get the RECOVERY warning??

That is what I am seeing. It leads me to beleive that the hard drive is ok and the problem may be the DVD drive.

I say this because if you do the reset thing,

hold the power button in until the unit shuts off
unplug for a minute
plug in
power up]
let the recovery do its thing, just when the tv comes to life hit the eject before the dvd starts to read.

All works fine after that.

As long as I am not fighting the DVD, the hard drive boots fine.

Another thought, I have way too many recordings on the hard drive so that may be part of the issue too.

I am still able to record and finalize as long as I dont let the recorder shut down. If it shut down, sometimes it wont read the dvd in the unfinalized form.

I am going to clear the hard drive and format. I guess it is possible that I am filling the minute memory for the drives and it may be corrupting.

Just a thought


Remember that Panasonic DVD Drives need rubber hub cleaning at eight to ten month intervals.

Be sure to follow the advice and heed the cautions.

Older Panasonics have DVD Drives with the the black plastic case pictured here: