Panasonic DMR-EZ47V cannot copy vhs to dvd



hi i just bouht this dmr to copy my vhs collection to dvd but when i try it says copyrighted vhs cannot bla bla bla . when i try with an external vhs that i plug into imput 2 it says the same thing . is there a way to copy them to dvd because its ridiculous i bought it for this only purpose ggrrrrrr . thx a lot .


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Yes you will be able to copy your tapes, you will need to purchase a grex unit or similar.
See this thread~


I agree with weedougie the Dimax Grex should do the deed


Wow quick reply here thx a lot guys but is any video stabilizer will work does this one would work ?


The more crucial questions are:

Will video stabilizers work with the latest model combo recorders, like the DMR-EZ47V, that may have [I]enhanced[/I] copyright protection technology?

Do the video stabilizer manufacturers [I]guarantee[/I] that their products work with current model combo recorders?

What have owners of a DMR-EZ47V to say about their [I]experiences[/I] with a video stabilizer?


DVD Red PRO i think ill take this one thx guys .


[QUOTE=kalmeq;1997869]DVD Red PRO i think ill take this one thx guys .[/QUOTE]

I have and use the Grex and it works without a problem - use it on the same Panasonic machine mentioned.


A cheap video may or may not do the trick (for VHS to DVD only); the Grex is a better choice.