Panasonic DMR-EZ45VEBS



Can any body help? my Panasonic DMR-EZ45VEBS has just started displaying code U61 have followed all on screen prompts even unplugged for 5 mins but just restarts same code U61 :frowning:


The U61 error may or may not be related to a problem with power supply capacitors. The problem is more likely related to a problem with the “digital printed circuit board.” If your machine is still within the warranty period contact Panasonic for more information.

If your machine is no longer within the warranty period you may wish to contact the Panasonic Service Centre. Another alternative is to locate a good parts machine.

The “digital circuit board” for the DMR-EZ28, a USA model, is shown in the first photo. The power supply area of the same machine is shown in the second photo.



Your DMR-EZ45VEB is laid out similar to my DMR-ES35V USA/Canada models. The “digital printed circuit board” is located on a sub-assembly underneath the DVD drive. There are two interior views of a DMR-ES35V in this post:

Be sure to read the posts that follow that one for corrections to some mistaken information found in that post.



Today I snapped a photo of the “Digital PCB” in its native habitat, a platform just below the DVD drive in a combo recorder. The photo shows a DMR-ES35V parts machine with the front panel, VHS mechanism and DVD drive removed. The small circuit board extending forward at the far right carries the DV IN and the card reader (if fitted). Your DMR-EZ45VEB will have different I/O connections to the rear as well as different tuner(s). The DMR-ES35V is NTSC only. (Seen behind the parts machine and the stacked Dell computer keyboards are fully functional DMR-ES35V and DMR-EZ17 models from 2006 and 2007, respectively. The DMR-EZ28 pictured earlier is a 2008 model.)


same problem here