Panasonic DMR-EZ28 dvd optic reader problems

Hello guys and gals, been a while hope you all are doing fine ,I see things have changed here.
Anyways I’m far from being technical but this DVD recorder problem I ran
across seemed doable and parts was just under what it cost for a new deck So i took the challenge.
I have several panasonic DMR-EZ28 DVD recorders. One quit recently displayed “NO DISC” and so I tore it apart and began to swap parts out with a known good deck. I Isolated the problem part down to the Optical Pickup assembly . This was the optic lens and driver board that sits on the rails. I located the part # panasonic RAF 3332AC and found a US Distributer named MCM Electronics selling for 110 with a 15% discount I got it at a pretty good price. I assembled the optical pickup rather easily and powered it up. Any DVD I put in A Blank, a Burned copy or a Store bought movie all displayed the original “no disk " error. But when I put in a cd it played great no problems at all.
I know cd laser beams and dvd lasers have different wave lentghs .I also noticed some vairable resistors"pots” on the optic board, I did not touch it but was wondering if there are calibration steps Involved after installing the optics.

DVD - “No Disk”
Cd - plays excellant
Appreciate any input guys.

This isnt a dvd recorder thread at all.