Panasonic DMR-EZ27 Recorder, visual issues help needed

This is my first post, so please forgive me if I goof.
Yesterday I purchased a Panasonic DMR-EZ27 DVD Recorder, to replace a Lite-on 5005x.
Today I hooked it up. Hooke up: T.V, DVD/VHS player, video stabilizer (I think that’s what it’s called) and the DVD recorder.
I placed the new recorder on top of the old recorder and unhooked and re-hooked one wire at a time to make sure everything was the same and done correctly.
When I was finished, I turned everything on and the programming began. Once that was finished I could now see a regular cable channel on input1. I thought I would try to copy a DVD to see how it worked. (The DVD is not copy protected) I was unable to see the movie on the t.v. it was flickering like what the cable company does to channels that’s not part of the package.
Anyway, I did try to record the DVD and it recorded the audio fine, but the picture was just like what I saw, flickering. I pushed the inmput2 button on the t.v. nothing. I pushed the input buttons on the DVD recorders remote, nothing. I just can’t seem to get the picture. I even put a fresh battery in the video stabilizer thing. Nada!
Any ideas on what I didn’t do or missed?
I have stumbled onto this site a few times and I am absolutely amazed at the knowledge here! Most of it goes way over my head!:bow:
Thanks in advance!

Oops, I see that I should have posted this under the DVD recorder & home entertainment.
Could a Mod please move the post over?

After a good nights sleep and much thought.
It was the S video cable, it must have gone bad between hook-ups.