Panasonic DMR-EZ25 DVD Recorder problem

I have a Panasonic DMR EZ25 recorder which I got about 18 months ago. Since the day I got it, there were silly little things that bugged me. For example, I’d go into Guide, select my profile for my channels and that would be fine - till the next time I went into Guide it had gone back to all categories. It would do this all the time, then suddenly, it would be OK and stay on the selected programme - till there was a channel update and then I’d be back to having to re-select my profile every time.

It was also throwing up a U80 error code every now and again.

There were a couple of occassions that when I finalised a disc I’d find that I’d lost everything on it. I just assumed that it was maybe a faulty disc.

I also find that I keep getting bad or no signal on certain channels - which is weird since the TV is fine and the aerial is actually direct into the DVD recorder - I would have thought that if I was going to get a poor signal it would have been on the TV.

I finalised a disc to take and watch on my other DVD player. It worked fine on that. Took it back to the Panasonic and it came up saying that the disc wasn’t formatted correctly. There were still programmes on it I wanted to watch, so I copied them over to my PC and copied them back onto a fresh disc, thinking maybe there was a problem with the disc they were on. It still came up saying that the disc wasn’t formatted correctly. I checked it on my PC and the other DVD player and it plays fine.

So I went to format some other discs and it’s taking ages and then eventually says that formatting was unsuccessful. It’s doing it with every disc I put in it now.

I’ve cleaned the lens and made sure the discs are all clean.

It’s playing discs that were recorded and finalised before this problem occurred, but anything finalised after it, it won’t play.

And I’m gutted that I’ve left it so long - I thought there was a 5 year guarantee on it (same as the TV I got) so I didn’t rush out to get the original problem looked at cos it didn’t seem major - now of course, it’s out of guarantee!

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong with it?

Many thanks,


This thread may address some of the problems you describe:

Thanks, I read that before I posted, but wasn’t too sure if it would relate to my problems. It’s certainly worth a go before I go and cash out for it to be looked at or even replaced.

Just got to track down isopropyl alcohol…

I’ve also just used clean water. It’s just a rubber piece and most anything should clean the dust off. Just don’t use “endust” of some other furniture cleaning spray. That would really gum things up.
BTW several words in you post pointed to a European or other area. Also your model is not available in the US. At first thought I thought you meant ES-25 but when you mentioned Guide I knew it wasn’t a model available here in the states. Does your model have a HDD and what about a digital tuner?
Our EZ models are also a little unreliable. Not nearly as reliable as our older ES models, IMO.
Good luck on your cleaning:)

Thanks for the info. Yes, it is European, doesn’t have a hard drive and it’s got a built in “Freeview” tuner - our digital TV here in UK.

I had actually bought one for my mum as well but we had to return it because there was something wrong with it - I think it must have been something to do with the aerial socket because it just wouldn’t pick up the signal - even though the TV and every other kind of recording device did pick the signal up OK.

I’m pretty disappointed with it - and this is were I jinx every piece of equipment I’ve got - but I’ve quite a lot of Panasonic stuff (TV’s, VCRs, DVD player) and never had a problem with it, but this DVD recorder just doesn’t seem to be as good as other stuff.

Fingers crossed that cleaning the spindle does the trick - save me a fortune if it does!!

I don’t think you were the jinx I just think the EZ’s themselves are a bit of a jinx. After all I had 5 go bad on me, most within a month:confused:
My ES units just keep tickin’
One last thing, is the National brand still around in Europe? Last time I was in Europe ~'91 they called Panasonics, National. Sounds like you now also call them Panasonic. I don’t believe we’ve ever used the National name here, only Panasonic.

Chemist’s are the best place, I got some at a local one…just haven’t gotten round to using it yet.