Panasonic DMR-EX95VEBS scan and which discs are the best for this drive



Haven’t tried this smartBurn yet but here is a scan of a Panasonic disc that was burnt in my Panasonc DVD/video recorder scanned with my Lite-On

If you notice the burner in my DVD/Video is a Matshita S210 04/13/06 what ever that is these are the scans using

Original Panasonic disc’s TY0G3
Is this a good burn


It´s ok. Many PIF-total but only one higher spike.

Looks similar to discs I burned in my Panasonic DMR-E53


Thanks for the reply

I have a Panasonic DMR-EX95VEBS its a DVD/Vidio player the only diff i think its got the video section and a bigger hard drive 250gb

Wischop dose yours have the same burner in it if so have you found any disc’s that burn good in it, you can see the ones i use are supposed to be one of the best TY0G3
I have also used Verbatim disc’s

Have to excuse me asking about the burns new to this so not up to reading the info yet :rolleyes:


I have a Matshita J117-drive in my Panasonic, it´s older than urs. I can post some scans, but I rarely used it with DVD-R, I mostly used DVD-RAM and finish editing on PC