Panasonic DMR-EX95V Problem - Help Please

:a Can anyone help please?

Just bought DMR-EX95V online & having problems - on first machine disk tray failed to open/close at right times, then “HDDError” message appeared, then machine failed completely - replacement provided, but this also had disk tray problem - now back with retailer who is offering further replacement - but I am concerned this might be an inherent fault with model.
Has anyone experienced this or heard of such problems?

I may consider alternative model/make - looking for VCR/DVD/HDD combi - want to transfer material from VHS tapes - also want HDD - am considering Toshiba RD-XV45 - seems to have all I need - and is much cheaper.
Does anyone have views on this Toshiba, and how it might compare with the Panasonic? Or any others worth considering?