Panasonic DMR-EX95V HDD ERR Displayed

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I wonder if anyone can help me please?
I have a Panasonic DMR-EX95V Hard drive/DVD/VCR combi which displays “HDD ERR” and opens the DVD drawer during its power up sequence.
I am unable to clear this error.
I can hear the hard drive spin up when power is applied to the player.
I have removed the Samsung 250Gb Hard drive and formatted it via my PC, which worked fine.
I have checked the PSU visually for failing capacitors and othe failing components, no problems found.
I have visually inspected the IDE ribbon cable for breaks damage ect. again nothing found and also ensured it was plugged into the Disk controller correctly, again this was OK.
I did get once only an error message of “FM LIST DL ERR”, but I’m not sure if I caused that when I was reseating the AC power connection, during my invetsigation.
However this did make me wonder if this was indicating a posible firmware corruption and the DVD drawer opened because it was expecting a firmware DVD to be placed in the drawer, (although I appreciate I’m posibly clucthing at straws here) If this scenario is feasible, does anyone know where I can get a DMR-EX95V firmware file from please ? I have searched on Panasonic’s website in the UK, and could not find any firmware files for this model.

My main thought was that the IDE controller, which appears tio piggy back onto the main board, has failed ?

I’ve searched for this error on similar Panasonic DMR modeils and I can’t find any reference to any similar errors.
If anyone has any suggestions/thoughts I would be most grateful.
Best Regards,

Is there no factory reset option??