Panasonic DMR-EX89EB DVD Recorder problem



This is the 2nd machine that I have had, the 1st went back because of the same problem and I thought the unit was at fault.
Problem. After recording and then playing, the recording it occasionally goes blank and a black screen appears for a few seconds. Finally it returns and carries on playing with only a few moments missed.
On reverting and playing the same section again the recording carries on and there is no blank screen.
I record from a Panasonic Plasma TX-P42G10B via HDMI1.

Any clues would be appreciated.


Seems that both devices fail to engage proper HDMI handling.


Thanks for the clue, I was thinkng along those sort of lines but not being a TV or DVD expert was not too sure how to go about it.
Any idea how I go about this proper handling?

I’m an ex IT Controller, so network and PC’s no problem, but every man to there own skill.




What is the source for both devices and did you try replacing the HDMI cable(s)?


Sorry for the spelling in the last reply, must think before I type.

Source is HDMI1 to HDMI1 I will change over to HDMI2 or even try 1 to 2 etc, just in case it is that connection.
As for the cable, I have a Panasonic one and no spare, but will see if next door has one, he is GMT tech.

This may take a day or to but will let you know how it goes.
Thanks for the input.



Hi Dave,

with source I meant the content that is delivered to your plasma & recorder… where does it come from? Cable, sat, terrestrial, jukebox?


OK with you.
The problem comes about from copy of TV to DVD HD.
It also comes about from running a purchased DVD.

All direct sources are Freesat, Freeview and Terrestrial.

Freeview flickers on and off but that is normal for my area.

Terrestrial is working OK and Freesat is perfect.

Before I purchased the Panasonic DVD I naturally had no problem it is only with playback of HDD or DVD’s from the recorder.



Well, have you had the opportunity to contact the manufacturer support, Panasonic, about this issue?

2 devices with the same issue, that would be a big coincidence…

Do you have the Freeview+ version?


Yes it has the Freeview on it.
I am still awaiting for Panasonic UK to revert to me, however as it’s Easter I won’t hold my breath too long.

Yes I agree with it being coincidental and that’s why I started looking into other things that could be wrong. Just like a NIC card, swop around and see what happens. But stuck for spare parts as it’s not my trade and Google is always good for a clue.

It’s typical, it does not happen all the time, if it did it would be quite easy to pin it down. But as I’m retired it keeps the brain active.