Panasonic DMR EX77

We have a Panasonic DMR EX77 and would like some copying advice. As I understand it I can use the high speed copy function for RAM discs only, but these can’t be finalised and won’t play on any other DVD players or computers in the house. If I use DVD RWs or DVD Rs they can be finalised at the end of the copy process to make them usable on other players, but they will only copy at normal speed. In fact it’s pointless to use DVD Rws as the finalising process makes them un-rewritable anyway. I wanted to make a recording for my daughter to watch in her room but can only do this by using normal speed (takes as long as it does to record the program) and then I wouldn’t be able to re-use the disc. Have I got this right or am I missing something? And yes, I have read the manual but it’s quite a fiddly one. Thanks.