Panasonic DMR-ES45VS $239.99



Panasonic DMR-ES45VS $239.99
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Great combo unit for about $60 more than the ES25.
All that the ES25 has plus a VCR and EZ Sync Control (IR Blaster).
[so you get a built in HiFi VCR for $60]

this is a step up from the DMR-ES35VS

Good deal shop quickly


No wants to jump on this? I had need if a combo I would in a heart beat.


It’s a good deal, I’m just not sure that the demand for combo recorders is close to just a DVD Recorder. Looks like the 35 model adds SVHS transfers, that would be more of a niche but I’d find that useful.


The Panasonic DMR-ES35VS is $244.54 at WalMart

DMR-ES45VS = DMR-ES35VS with SD card slot, HDMI interface, EZ Sync Control (IR Blaster) added


I see, somehow I missed that the 45 also does SVHS when I first glanced at the two.


Panasonic DRM-ES35VS, ES45VS, ES46VS, EH75S units to not support Super VHS (S-VHS) Record or Play. I also don’t think thay have SQPB (play S-VHS Tapes at VHS quality).

If you want a ES35VS Amazon now sells them for $229.88 free shipping.


Yes this is fairly good price for stand alone combo since the units writes both in DVD+R/+RW and DVD-R/-RW in addition to RAM also. I both Pioneer one about 2 years ago for $250 but only write on DVD-R/-RW not +.


Ha, I’ll just shut up since I’m not paying close attention to their specs :doh: - I just took a quick glance at them when I initially saw this post and saw something about S-VHS dubbing and took it to mean that it could copy SVHS to DVD. To be honest I’m not in the market for one of these to begin with as I’ve got a recorder and S-VHS VCR already, I just wanted to recognize that it was a good price.