Panasonic DMR-ES40V

Just purchased a new DMR-ES40V. Everything seems to function correctly but I do have some questions since I’m new to recording DVD’s.


Unfortunately, without actually posting your questions, it is quite difficult for anyone here to be able to guess what you may be trying to ask. For example, to someone reading this post, they wouldn’t know if you are trying to get help with setting up timers for recording, setting up chapters, titles, etc. in your recordings, backing up old VHS tapes to DVD or so on. :rolleyes:

If you haven’t actually tried to record anything yet, I would recommend having a try at least with a DVD-RAM or DVD-RW disc as these can be easily erased later on. Otherwise, if you do have a specific issue, feel free to point it out here and this way someone will be able to help out if they have a solution. :slight_smile:

Hey, I have a question and I’m actually going to put my question in the post. I’ve dubbed 2 DVD’s from VHS, My problem is I can’t see any options to finalize my DVD so it will be viewable in other players. These DVD’s are for someone else whom I told I would have ready over a week ago. HELP!!!

Hey, I like that, Jim didn’t have a question, so one immediately pops up!

Hmmm…a Panasonic ES40V? I can guess a couple of problems (but not for a year or two. :wink: )

HELP - I purchased the Panasonic DMR es40v in December – got busy and now am finally trying to use it for what I purchased it for. I can’t seem to get this to work. I have about 30 old home videos of my children growing up which I would like burned to DVD’s . I purchased a set of DVD’s called: SONY DVD+RW 4.7 BG/go – these are brand new and unused. I put the old video in the VHS and press down the DUB key and always get this message: “Cannot dub: possible reaons include unrecordable disk…etc.” Can someone please walk me through this, I am technically challenged so please speak in layman’s terms, thanks… By the way, I have used several new disks thinking I had a bad disk but nothing works. The VHS tapes do not have their anti-copy tab removed so I should be able to dub them. HELP me please. You may also email me at


Since nobody answered yet… FWIW your tapes might have some poor quality recordings (even a few seconds can do it) which are incorrectly interpretted as copy protection. Have you confirmed you can burn DVDs other than dubbing tapes? Have you tried copying different tapes?

I purchased the ES40V to dub older children’s VHS tapes to DVD. Then I got the infamous copyright protection notice. I even tried connecting an external VHS player and tried recording that IN1 thread to a DVD - no joy - still detects the copyright protection.

Interestingly, you would think you could at least dub these old VHS’s for personal use - perhaps via authenticating your original tape with a studio’s online service of some sort - but I haven’t found anything like this out there - yet.

I have read of a couple of filters that can be purchased and placed in-line between an external VHS player and the IN1 or IN2 on the ES40V - effectively stripping out the copyright so I can record to DVD.

Before going to this extreme I thought I’d post and see if anyone else has gotten around this issue via some other means.


I realize this is an old question, but; many Panasonic DMR combo units are being refurbished and sold now. The good news is that the owners manuals are available on the net and are also in PDF as the manuals that come with the refurbished models are usually in very small print. Now to the question. Does your owners manual tell you to break off the tabs on the VHS cassettes prior to dubbing? Please read your manual or go to the site if you cannot find yours or the print is so small that 2.0 reading glasses do not help.

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breaking the tabs on a VHS tape will write protect them. Should be a good idea to avoid erasing the tapes by accident. To re-enable the recording on that cassette, just close the opened tab using some ahesive film or tape.


The DMR-ES40V does not record on DVD+RW discs. It may play DVD+RW discs recorded and finalized on other DVD recorders.

My DMR-ES40V is used to play DVDs and videotapes. I use other Panasonics, DMR-ES15, DMR-ES30V, DMR-ES35V for recording purposes.

i bought The DMR-ES40V , i record my dvds from tv , but when i try to watch the dvd in other dvd player i cant it only plays in The DMR-ES40V , can somebody tell me whats happend?

You need to finalize the DVD before it may be played on other DVD players. Go to FUNCTIONS, OTHER FUNCTIONS, DISK MANAGEMENT, FINALIZE.

Be sure to study the DMR-ES40V Operating Instructions. Panasonic manuals may be viewed on the Panasonic website. These are in the PDF format so they may be saved to your computer’s hard drive and viewed or printed out.

I purchased a DMR-ES40V new in December 2005. There were many bugs in this product. I ran the firmware update but that did not correct the frustrating design flaws.

Here are some workarounds:

EARLY A.M. SCHEDULED RECORDING WORKAROUND. Schedule a brief recording beginning shortly before midnight, say 11:59 p.m., and ending shortly after midnight, say 12:01 a.m., AHEAD of any timer scheduled recording in the wee hours. (I had already given up on using the DMR-ES40V as a recorder long before hearing about this workaround.)

DAILY OR WEEKLY SCHEDULED RECORDING WORKAROUND. Timer scheduling of weekly or daily programs (say Monday-Friday programs, every Tuesday programs, & etc.) is unreliable with a DMR-ES40V. USE ACTUAL DATES when scheduling ALL programs. I discovered this workaround on my own.

TIME LIMITED DUBBING AND FLEXIBLE RECORDING DUBBING. The DMR-ES40V was not designed with these features found on other Panasonic combo recorders. The workaround requires a separate external VCR connected to the INI 1 input. Set up a scheduled recording on the INI 1 input. Set the beginning and ending times for a little longer than the actual duration of the videotaped program you wish to dub. Once the DMR-ES40V starts recording start the external VCR playing the taped program you wish to dub. This method of dubbing videotaped programs also makes Flexible Recording available. I devised this workaround to use in dubbing videotapes with my DMR-ES15 (a straight DVR that doesn’t have a VCR section). Remember that scheduled recording on the DMR-ES40V only starts with the machine powered off.

I purchased other Panasonic combo recorders for my extensive dubbing project. With my home-recorded direct recordings and dubbing from my home-recorded videotapes my DVD index is approaching 11,000 titles.

thanks man u really help me i follow all steps and now i can watch the dvds in any dvd player , i think u must know more about this item , if i have more questions can u ask u?