Panasonic DMR-ES40V questions re recording



I just got the Panasonic DMR-ES40V. I’m usually good about decifering the instructions but there is one strange thing it’s doing and one item I simply can’t seem to find in the instructions and I’m hoping someone out there can help.

  1. Although the “schedule recording” instructions say that you can schedule something on a daily or weekly basis, I can’t find the instructions as to how to accomplish that. Since I work late and the only way I can watch a couple programs routinely is by taping them, it’d be nice not to have to put them in each week.
  2. I scheduled a couple programs to be taped on the VHS side of my recorder last week and although everything looked ok , it only taped one of the 2 programs. Never even turned the machine on for the 2nd program. And there was more than enough tape left.
    I’d appreciate any help one of you can give me.


I, too, have that same problem. The manual is absolutely no help.
I set up to record something, fully expecting it to record. Then nothing!
Sometimes it records the first show I programmed, then forgets to turn itself off.
Sometimes it doesn’t record the first couple(!) of shows I program, then records the next couple, then forgets again.
It is very annoying.
When you set up to program it is supposed to say “OK” in the last column but it doesn’t seem to make any difference anyway.
I can’t figure out how to get it to say “OK” and some shows that say it don’t record, while shows that don’t say it do record.
I am extremely frustrated.


I have had the same problems with the schedules not recording, other posts have addressed it & Panasonic support mentions to do a firmware update. Be careful when doing it though. I did it & it reset my DVD playback to 0, which means I can’t play and DVDs, had to send it to a Panasonic Repair Shop in my neightborhood. Stillw aiting to get it back but it has only been since 11/22/6.
As for weekly schedules it’s there, just go backwards on the date & you will see the options you want.


I don’t have the answer for your issue. I am looking for help. My wife has a Panosonic DMR ES40V. She records but is unable to finalize the DVD recording. She can find the owners manual. Does anyone know the answer. art


Try a lens cleaning disc, different media, manuals can be downloaded from Panasonic.


The es-40 is one Panny that I have never had the pleasure of owning, but on my other Panny’s to finalize the disc go under the functions menu, Other functions, disc management, then finalize option.
There should be a button called FUNCTIONS on the remote to get things started. Good luck!



My scheduling problems with the DMR-ES40 started as soon as I bought it in December 2005. Then the ratings problem appeared in February 2006.

Panasonic was not helpful with the scheduling bug, I had to figure out some workarounds on my own. Panasonic was helpful with the ratings bug.

Here are some workarounds for DMR-ES40V design flaws/bugs:

EARLY A.M. SCHEDULED RECORDING WORKAROUND. Schedule a brief recording beginning shortly before midnight, say 11:59 p.m., and ending shortly after midnight, say 12:01 a.m., AHEAD of any timer scheduled recording in the wee hours.

DAILY OR WEEKLY SCHEDULED RECORDING WORKAROUND. Timer scheduling of weekly or daily programs (say Monday-Friday programs, every Tuesday programs, & etc.) is unreliable with a DMR-ES40V. USE ACTUAL DATES WHEN SCHEDULING ALL PROGRAMS.

RATINGS AND PASSWORD WORKAROUND. Once my DMR-ES40V changed it’s viewer ratings on its own, locking up the machine so that it would not play any DVD. It gave an error message. The DMR-ES40V had reset the “rating” by itself to a low number (1 or 2) that is very restrictive. When I attempted to change the “rating” back to the “8” default (in the FUNCTIONS, OTHER FUNCTIONS, SETUP, DISC, SETTINGS FOR PLAYBACK, RATINGS) I was asked for my password. I was the only user of this machine and I had never set a password. Nothing I tried would allow me to use the machine. Here is the workaround Panasonic gave me: Power unit on. Open DVD tray. Press and hold REC and PLAY on the machine for over 5 seconds. If done correctly the DVD tray will remain open. The ratings password setting will return to the default (no password). The rating will return to the “8” default.

CRASHING. My DMR-ES40V crashed often, especially when attempting to finalize its own discs (ruining them). I soon learned that it was always better to finalize its discs on my other Panasonic models. The machine regularly needed to be unplugged from the power strip in order to regain its control.

Despite the DMR-ES40V design flaws (uncorrected by the firmware update) I continued to purchase other Panasonic models including: DMR-ES30V, DMR-ES35V, DMR-ES15 and DMR-EZ17. With extensive use of these other Panasonics I deem these to be very reliable products.

Our DMR-ES40V is now primarily used as a VHS/DVD player.

I joined this Forum in May 2007. I never read this thread until today.

This is more confirmation of the long-standing scheduling bugs that Panasonic corrected for the 2006 models but has now reintroduced into their 2007 models.

And the bugs go on . . .


I guess I’m glad I missed the pleasure of owning a es-40, doesn’t sound like much pleasure.:bigsmile: