Panasonic DMR-ES30V

I have a mystery which I cannot get to the bottom of.
My Panasonic DMR-ES30V DVD plays all DVDs, will record and play back
all TV stations except Channel Five. If you record channel five you get sound
drop outs and occasional vision drop outs when looking E toE
(looking at the picture when recording) which is also on the recording, when playing back.
My first reaction was to think channel five was not tuned correctly or APC was
at fault, but if you record Five on the VHS section all is well.
I just wondered if any of you lads or lassies have come across this fault and if so
have a solution.


I have resolved this problem, hence the delay I wanted to make sure it was cured before posting.
I removed all connections to the DMR-ES30V includine the mains. I then set it up from scratch.
Previously I had been using the DVD section using extended play and I think this caused a corruption. I have since used Long Play and have had no problems.
So be warned if anyone uses Mon-Fri on a regular basis don’t use EP, but LP instead.