Panasonic DMR-ES30V Problems

First off, i want to sat hello… in my search for a fix for my DVDR i was adviced to sign up here from another forum i was searching on.

i own a Panasonic DMR-ES30V, and a week or so again, it was really struggling to power up. if i kept unpluinging it, and plugging it back it, everynow and then, it would power up, but then it would only play for 10min or so before going off all together. then i’d have to sit plugging it in and unplugging it for ages till it would comed on again… i got a F09 code come up, and i lookied this up as being capacitors. i stripped my unit down, and found one 680 mf capacitor (C1209) had burst. i changed this, hoping this would cure it.

since the fix, it powes up fine, and stays on, but i now have a new problem. the dvd comes on, plays etc, but after a while (the time varies from 2 min, to 15 min) the DVD stops, the unit says ‘BYE’ and goes into standby, or back to ‘SELF CHECK’.

at this point, i must add that during repairing the capacitor, i did actually damage the ribbon cable that connects the DVD drive to the main board via the DTS/DD board… i couldn’t get the DVD on at all at first, but i did think i had fixed this ribbon, by cutting the damaged part off and then stripping it back with a scalpul to reveal the copper inside. this got the dvd playing again, but this is where i faced the problem of it keep going into standby, with just the clock on the display.

does anyone know what could be causing this? might there be another damaged capacitor that is forcing my unit to shut down to stand by? reading other posts, i notice people always say 2 capacitors within the power supply, but i only saw the one had burst/bulged and this wasn’t close to the power supply at all… has anyone else changed the capacitors in this model and can tell me which they had to change… my repair has obviously ‘helped’ as at least now it doesn’t completely power down, just keeps going into standby. coulld me damaging the ribbon be causing this? even though i am sure i fixed it… i could do with sourcing a new ribbon, just so i can rule out if it is that or not, but am not sure where to find one, i have looked online, but not coming up with much. its a 40pin/strand ribbon with ‘‘SUMITOMO-Y AWM 80C VW-1 -F-’’ written on it… i have also noticed an ic labeled on the board as IC1106 looks like it has produced a fair bit of heat in the past, as the board is pretty dark around it… does this have anything to do with putting the unit into stand by?

any help would be greatfully recieved

I own two DMR-ES30V (2005) models, one purchased new and the other refurbished by Panasonic. Both have served me well.

I also own four DMR-ES35V and four DMR-ES15 models (from the 2006 model year). As some of these 2006 models were purchased used, some with stated or unstated defects, I purchased two more DMR-ES35V models “as-is” for parts swapping to keep the others running.

So far I have replaced power supply capacitors in three DMR-ES15 models. These capacitors were special ordered through a local electronic parts store. The replacement capacitors are of the same specification as those used by Panasonic but from a different manufacturer. All three of those ES15 machines tested out OK after the capacitor replacement and two were put back into service, one for a month and the other for six months. Two of these ES15 models have recently experienced failures, perhaps related (or not related) to capacitor failure. The third was recently found to be “dead.” I expect to more fully evaluate these ES15 models in the near future. Perhaps I may find that the replacement capacitors I used were of substandard quality.

Three of my DMR-ES35V combo recorders have been set aside for capacitor replacement for several months now. These particular models have had very heavy use, averaging more than 3,000 recording hours per machine while in my service.

I have also swapped out defective DVD drives (after first cleaning the hub/spindles to determine if these drives had experienced a failure due to dust or other residue). In one instance a still-good DVD drive in a ES35 parts machine had the DVD drive ribbon cable very tightly lodged in the controller circuit board’s receptacle. The force required to remove the ribbon cable damaged one of the ribbon cable’s contacts. I evenly trimmed back the ribbon cable contact strip, as you did, to provide a uniform contact area and swapped that DVD drive into the other machine, an ES15. That repair was successful. The machine functioned for six and a half months (until 8/4/08) without a problem. That machine and the two others that have recently been found with problems, all ES15 models, have been set aside for further evaluation.

Since electronics is not my field perhaps I am merely reassuring you that the ribbon cable repair is probably [I]not[/I] the problem with your DMR-ES30V.

I have observed that Panasonic’s proprietary parts [I]usually[/I] may not be swapped from one model year to another model year. If your DMR-ES30V’s problem(s) are due to a failure of proprietary parts, perhaps the best advice I may give is to find a DMR-ES30V parts machine. If they may be found at all, they should be inexpensive. My ES35 parts machines were found on eBay.

Both DMR-ES35V parts machines I purchased were selected because their defects were of little or no concern to me. One had a bad tuner; the other had display and some other functionality problems. Both had good DVD drives, now residing in ES15 machines, and several other parts that have been swapped into other ES35 machines.

Another 2005 combo recorder, the DMR-ES40V, might appear to be similar to the DMR-ES30V but it may not use the same CPU (SOC) controller circuit board. All my 2006 models use the same CPU controller circuit board (VEP79132) but may need model-specific firmware if swapped to another model. That same situation may [I]not[/I] be the case for the corresponding parts between a DMR-ES30V and a DMR-ES40V. (I own one DMR-ES40V combo recorder, a machine with many bugs and design flaws. I have never opened it’s case. Since 12/05 is has seen little use as a recorder–355 recording hours since new. In the last year this machine has been the VHS/DVD player on the family TV.)

The DMR-ES30V is an outstanding combo recorder. I hope that you may resolve its problem(s) and return it to full functionality.

yeah, i see what ur saying, and i dont personally think its the ribbon, am just at a bit of a loose end, as i have replced the only capacitor that was visibly damaged, and dont know what to try next… :s

[QUOTE=adamburzynski;2114162]dont know what to try next… [/QUOTE]

Perhaps the incident with the ribbon cable also somewhat disturbed the CPU circuit board’s connection to the chassis motherboard. Check that out.

I haven’t had occasion to examine the CPU board in a DMR-ES30V. In the DMR-ES35V and DMR-ES15 models the CPU board has a fixed connector on its underside that fits the corresponding connector on the chassis motherboard.

If there is no connectivity problem I would speculate that there might be a failure of some component on the CPU circuit board. This may require swapping the CPU board with a known-good board. These boards are very expensive if purchased from Panasonic.

There is also the $130 flat-rate repair through the Panasonic Service Center in Elk Grove Village Illinois:

I purchased both my DMR-ES35V parts machines in the $15-$18 range (including shipping) on eBay. Perhaps you might watch for a good DMR-ES30V parts machine.

Since the unit plays for a while before it has problems I don’t think it has anything to do with your ribbon cable. If it were a bad connection more than likely it would not work at all, unless it was a poor connection and intermittent, which would not be very likely.
In your case I’d be sure to clean the spindle. Usually a slipping disc causes more problems with recording than just playing back but since you have the machine apart it would be a good/easy thing to try, if you haven’t already done it.
As Digado said the ES-30 ('05) is one of the nicest VHS/DVR recorders Panasonic made with it’s dual display. I have 4 and compared to my ES-15’s ('06 models) the ES-30 is built like a tank. Much quieter during chase play also. All around a solid unit although I don’t know if I would pay the $130 to have Panasonic repair it. I’ve seen them in pawn shops for <$100 and I would think one could get a good used one online for even less.
Don’t be fooled by the ES-40. I’ve never had one but according to reviews I’ve read they aren’t a good buy. Very problem laden. I guess the ES-35 is fine but I don’t know if it has the dual displays, a very handy feature IMO.


The Saint Baz hub/spindle cleaning procedure is found here:

On a DMR-ES30V the DVD drive lid is difficult to remove unless the machine’s front panel is removed to give clearance to allow the drive lid to be lifted at the front, slid forward a bit, and then lifted off the drive. Jeff says he’s done this without removing the front panel. I just cleaned my daughter’s two DMR-ES30V models on Tuesday (yes we have four DMR-ES30V models in our household) and I don’t know how Jeff manages to get the DVD drive lid off without removing the front panel.

Before reassembly be sure the roller/slider assembly at the back of the disc tray is positioned to the far left. This will correctly align the roller mechanism to the guide rail on the underside of the drive lid.

When fitting the front panel back to the case be sure to hold the VHS door open so the door lifting mechanism will be correctly aligned with the lifting tab.


The DMR-ES35V has a single display but it may be cycled to show most of the same information that the DMR-ES30V may display all the time. My original DMR-ES30V was put back into daily service on 8/9/08. Before the end of the month it will have more than 4,300 recording hours since new.

[quote=DigaDo;2114361] Jeff says he’s done this without removing the front panel. I just cleaned my daughter’s two DMR-ES30V models on Tuesday (yes we have four DMR-ES30V models in our household) and I don’t know how Jeff manages to get the DVD drive lid off without removing the front panel.


The DMR-ES35V has a single display but it may be cycled to show most of the same information that the DMR-ES30V may display all the time. My original DMR-ES30V was put back into daily service on 8/9/08. Before the end of the month it will have more than 4,300 recording hours since new.[/quote]
The first time I cleaned one of my ES-30s I removed the front panel and I also dislodged a plastic roller piece because I turned over the drive cover after I lifted it off the drive. Upon reassembly I didn’t get the VHS front cover aligned correctly and I also had problems getting the roller piece in the correct place. It was a sweaty 30 minutes.
Right after I finished with that unit I cleaned a second ES-30 but this time I was able to (after removing the 5 screws) lift the cover up slightly and then slide it back, without dealing with the front panel. Since I was more careful to not jar the drive cover I also had better luck securing it to the drive after I was done with my cleaning.
My latest cleaning on another ES-30 and a ES-15 I was able to do without even taking the cover off the unit. What I did was to eject the disc and then unplug the machine. With the drive ejected I was able to gently slide the tray back and forth to a point where I was able to see the spindle looking into the drive from the front. I then took a long handled wooden q-tip (I think their still available, I have dozens from my audio/video cassette days) soaked with tape head cleaner(used for cleaning video heads) and inserted it into the slot. It was a little tricky but I was able to do a pretty good job of cleaning the lower rubber spindle with this method. I’d guess 90% as good as the disassembly method.
Considering how quick and easy this method was I think I’ll do this method and just do it a little bit more often than the disassembly method.

Digado, thanks for the info on the ES-35 single display. The dual display is what really sold me on the ES-30 and personally I think if I didn’t have the dual display I’d prefer to go with separates. I like to be able to see at a glance the exact time of both the DVD and VHS during dubbing, but I do understand what you mean by being able to cycle the display with just the push of a button.