Panasonic DMR ES30v problem -- Help!

I am havinng serious problems with this machine on DVD mode. When I try to finalise a disc (R or RW) it (sometimes) corrupts the disc and makes it unreadable! Everything else is perfect with great picture. But I can’t rely on it. Have tried different types of disc and get the same intermittent result. Am I doing something wrong?

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Is this a new machine, or an old one that’s suddenly gone wrong? Is it still under guarantee?

Also, please list the brand of each disc type that you’re using.

01ne 4xdvd-r 4.7gb (bulk buy) and maxell dvd-rw 1-2x 4.7gb discs seem to be the problem. Machine is still under warranty - bought from Argos though!

Just use better media.

thanks, i suspected that was the case.

I work for a University as an electronics tech. We have this model combo unit, and it powers its self off. If I press the power button nothing happens, the display just flashes “OFF”. If I hit eject the unit will power up and seem to work normally. Any suggestions?


I have the same issue
I completely stripped the unit the 1st time and found a small tear in the ribbon cable from the DVD transport to the Motherboard and replaced it
The unit worked well for about 4 months ( I am copying 1500+ VHS to DVD so I can reduce the storage needed so I burn about 3/4 films daily)
It went wrong again 3 weeks ago.
THis evening I have removed every part of the unit and checked for dry joints and burnt components but with no success
You can remove the power, attach again, hold the Power button for 30 seconds to reset “some built in power down saftey mechanism”.
I then hit the VHS eject to activat the kit again as the power button doesn’t seem to do it.
Put VHS and new DVD in, set to copy and 3 minutes later it turned off again!! AAAaaaggghhhh!!!
It feels like a capcitor issue to me but I am no electronic guru - may need to remove either the VHS or DVD side and try to work on the remaining side to work ouit where the error emantes from - If ever you find out, please send me the reason!

Forgot to mention this as well.
I had the same issue with certain discs - Ok for copy til Finalise then the machine gets upset, won’t finalise and goes into a semi- continuous shutdown mode - found it with Maxwell and Blue DVDs - stick to silver and pretty much anything except Maxwell or Sony - I use Tesco, Phillips or Maplins own