Panasonic dmr-es30v copy protection

I just got a panasonic dmr-es30v for the sole intention of copying my vhs collection to dvd. 1st tape won’t work, the message says “copy protected”.
Are there any options to complete this task? Do I have to connect the old vcr to the inputs and record that way? Get a gadget, although I would imagine that won’t work on a combo unit. Kind of seems to defeat the purpose and the advertising angle of “Copy your vhs collection to dvd” when you really can’t.

I can understand to some degree the reasons for not wanting people to exploit the medium and make a fortune for themselves, but since I already own the legally copyrighted material on vhs, why can’t I copy it to dvd so that I can have a more dependable and longer lasting copy. I could make a copy to another vcr for example.


That seems to be a common “feature” of home DVD recorders, as Sony does the same+ VHS tapes use Macrovision protection for a long time, and this refusal comes from the days of tape+

A product called Video Enhance and Stabiliser manufactured by DIGITECH (modelAR-1822) allows you to use another DVD player connected through the Enhancer (via video input yellow plug) to copy to the Panasonics DVD recorder without the “Copy protected” box coming up, this unit operates on a step down charger and also has S-Video in and out, so far it works well…$136.00 au

Have the same problem with my ES30V. Already had a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150, so I hooked up a separate VCR to it…problem solved. Not sure if I could have used the ES30V with the PVR150 but didn’t feel like doing all the connections just to find out that Macrovision was still enabled.

I have the dmr es30v as well and I just installed att uverse cable. I had direct tv before. on some recordings, on my dvd recorder, the dvd recorder won’t record, on others, like off of hbo, there is a red x in the window of the recording, in the navigation window. Does the device at this link;, help as well? Also, I am as tech savy as a turd, so I know my question may appear stupid. I’ll take any help that I can get. Thanks.

I use the Grex with my ES25 it works great.

First post at freaks, I can’t believe someone did not respond that you do not need to have a separate VHS to do a copy protected copy.
The beauty of the es-30(I have 3) is it’s ability to output the VHS via the composite(or preferably S-video) to a external filter, the SIMA ct-2 works great, but I’ve been told they are no longer made. The Grex available at world has good reviews also. Anyway after the signal is routed through your filter, then take the output of your filter and go into the line in of the DVDR.
You play the VHS, then record to the DVDR though the filter to the DVDR line input.(on the DVD side select line 1 or 2 as it’s input)
I used to do this all the time, and it works fine. Note it is a little cumbersome juggling the remote to control the VHS or DVD, so mostly I used a external VCR, but it is possible to do it all with the es-30.

Nif… Here’s a link to a thread talking about many of the recent filters.


I also hace a Sima CT200 and feel it distorts both the color and brightness much more than the Grex