Panasonic DMR ES25 won't play my movie

:o Hi, I tried to make a copy of a movie a friend made to play it on Panasonic DMR ES25 because Panasonic does not recognize the original DVD. I have used both Mac and PC software.On Mac BookPro used Mactheripper and Liquid CD and for PC, Sonic. The DVD copy plays on both computers but when I try to play it on Panasonic I get a message CAN"T PLAY. This is a legal movie with no protection. I used Phillips DVD+R and TDK-R to make the copy but to no avail. If it plays of Windows XP and MAC OS Tiger 10.04 why can’t it play on Panasonic? Sorry for the long details! I am new at this and have used more than 6 DVD for nothing. Anyone have an idea of what is wrong? Thanks for helping.