Panasonic DMR-ES25-Frequent U88 errors-help,

My model is not listed; the drop-down menu goes from Panasonic DMR-E15 to DMR-E35. It skips mine: DMR-ES25.

I have a Panasonic DMR-ES25 DVD recorder. I use only Maxell DVD-Rs to record from my cable(tv). Every since I got it, it occasionally gave me the “U88” error some time during recording, but it’s gotten to be one out of 10-20 times now. It stops recording, mid-recording, gives me the U88 readout on the front panel, and shuts down. When I start it up again, it tells me “There might have been a problem with the disc - please try another disc.” That disc is now unwritable; sometimes part of what I recorded is playable; sometimes it tells me I have an incompatible disc, and it won’t play any part of it. I doubt very much if I have this many bad blank discs. I feel sure it’s a problem with the recorder.

Does anyone have any information about this problem, and any solutions that don’t involve spending much money?


Open the drive and clean both the lens and spindle.

Detailed information and photos are found in this thread:

Before securing the DVD Drive lid be sure that the roller/slider at the rear of the disc tray is positioned to the far left.